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Bonjour à tous et à toutes!

My name is Virginie and I live in the south of France, where the sun never sets!

I have a degree in Language Science and French as a Foreign Language. After graduating in 2004, I worked as a French teacher in many schools and language institutes. I've been teaching via skype since 2011 and I love it!

I like meeting new people from all over the world, learning from their traditions, cultures, personal interests or professions. I think I learn from my students as much as they learn from me.
I am dynamic, patient and fun. I organise interesting courses, motivating, based on the news, funny, and adapted to the needs of the student.
Beyond language learning I will try to convey my interest in gastronomy, wine and French culture.

Whether you want to learn French or improve your practice for an exam, for work, for travelling or simply because you like that language and you want to know more about French culture, I will be happy to adapt to your needs and goals.

I can not wait to meet you!
à bientôt!



- You can learn from home, office, on vacation wherever you are in the world.

- The lessons are flexible and you work at your own pace.

- You are learning with a native French teacher.

- You can choose the number of lessons in a week.

- You do not waste time in transports.

- Skype is free, we can use the video (or not), and the chat.



- You need a skype account, or create one, skype is easy to use.
- There is a trial lesson before starting the lessons.
- Then you can choose your programme.
- There are 4 different programs with or without homework.
- The content will depend on your needs, objectives, level and the type of lesson you've booked.
- At the end of each lesson, you can choose when you will have the next one.
- After the lesson, you will receive the notes and / or homework by email.
- The courses are focused mostly on verbal communication.

- Delay:

I will wait for you for 15 minutes, and beyond those 15 minutes, the course will be counted.

If you inform me in advance about your delay, I can be present at the requested time but I will have to finish on time.

- Payment:

The lessons must be paid 24 hours before starting.


You need to cancel the lesson at least 24 hours before. I remain flexible and I understand that there are circumstances that may lead to a cancellation of a lesson. It may also happen to the teacher.

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